Sammy BK reading 00 00 00 00


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Sep 8, 2003
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Anyone give me any help with sammy bk reading all 00s with BKE. and std

Ird seems ok

Pure Nt Hell

Shorted bat etc keep it outta stream got same result

Any help Thanx...............
what version of bke are you using? bke 2.2 should be ok.
pburns said:
Where do I find out if its cr3.2?

cr3.2 is the new software blue mini guide
3r3 is old software purple and yellow
Ok guys got it sorted.Think it was pure fluke as I rebooted the box in stream and pushed connect in BKE as it was booting and it gave it up.
I had tried everyway I cud reading from various threads and it was a no no so as I say dont know what I done diff in the end to get it apart from Connect just as it was booting up.
Thanx for your help and sugesstions I had been at this box all day Phew...............