sammy 2100c no power


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Nov 17, 2005
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got this morning my sammy 2100c had no power
there is no lights on box so it seems there is no power getting to the box
so i changed power cable still nothing the power cable works
fine on a different box does anyone have any ideas
is there's a onboard fuse that may have blown
you might find that its a semi conductor gone on the power board dude,if thats the case only way to cure is gettin hold of a new board.i tried everywhere and those parts are obsolete now.
looks like i need a new power board anyone know where i can get one?
hope ya have better luck than me dude.just keep ya eye on eb*y for a box that has a faulty display and snap it up for the board
hornet ive got a fuse if you want it
pm me if so
The sammy 2100 power board is relatively easy to repair. The output voltages are marked on the board. Post your voltage readings and I will take a look for you, alternatively send the board to me and I will repair it for you.
The fuse for this and other boxes are the wickman type fuses and can be bought from this site.

i got a board of Satch and im up and running again now thanks satch