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Oct 24, 2005
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New to the board so a big shout to all, got all my dbox info from you guys!

Anyway, go my hands on sagem dbox 1x came with yadi

sucessfully flashed using sportser 1.7 uk05 using dbox commander

ftp my serives.xml and bouquets.xml for my area

rebooted and everything worked a treat all channels working successfully.

However, came home the next day and the dbox was stuck on one channel, the channel was ok picture and sound but the dbox controls were unresponisve and I had to power off.

When I powered on next i was not getting any channels, I then done a service scan rebooted again and this time got the message no channels found.

Next step apply a different image- I had difficulty getting images on using dbox commander. so i ftp'd 2 images different sportster images on to var/tmp. I then attempted to turn the dbox on. Got the text display at the start but after that the lcd goes blank and there is no response from the network.

Is there someway to reset the system to factory defaults etc

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Cheers, Colin
some times when they hang and you give them a power off it may start on front row " no channels " which is to be expected as they mostly over to VOD then have to select a channel and wait for a little while till it updates.........when you done a service scan did it find transponders and channels ?

i couldn't get dbox commander working at all mate so your not alone there, ifa2 is the best i would say
It found 56 transponders but it didnt find any channels, I think that might have been down to using the sportster uk05 version
what cable provider did you scan with ? 6952 or 6887 ??
tele*pest i scanned with 6952, but I cant even get the thing to load so I wont be able to scan anyway.

I read I tut on flashing with serial cable so I will give that a go tomorrow
Cheers for replying dibbers

you don't need the serial cable to flash the image, but they do help for errors and that, make sure you use Image Flashing Assistant 2 if you can, it's real easy with this man....

hola back if you need any more help
not wanting to sound thick but how can I communicate with the box if I dont need a serial cable and there is no response from the network. Remember I am new to this game

mayeb im getting crossed wires......lololol

ok hang on i presumed you had a crossover cable already and were talking about a nulmodem cable.....

you said you managed to ftp the new image to the box ?

with IFA you connect and flash, i think they new one you don't need the ip addy of the box, maybe some one can help with this...

but i can help with ifa 2 and that
I had it all working nicely flashed using a cross over, but after some messing around on my part the dbox isn't loading so i cannot connect via the network any more.
yeah but you should be able to use IFA and do a fresh flash and start from the begining ?
yeah no problem man, if you give me your mail addy i'll fire over the new one, it's in german, but it's real easy to use...

pm your addy man or if you have msn