Sagem with yadi image


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Aug 6, 2005
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Hi guys! I am thinking of ordering a sagem d-box 2 with a yadi image already on it.

Is this recommended guys?

The only reason I'm asking is that I read it on here previously that it is not recommended to get a sagem with yadi as it is difficult to change the image then.

I'm of the opinion that changing there would be no problems with changing the image but your advice would be very much appreciated guys!

cheers mate!

i've done a nokia before so going to try a sagem. they are slightly cheaper!

i dont know but im sure delivery to germany only but my german is not upto scratch m8 sorry

thanks mate! i thought it was in debug mode because of the linux software?

i've been making the assumption that boxes with linux are in debug mode. I though that was one of the ways you could tell???
The debug mode is enabled but delivery only to germany, cash before delivery and bank transfer.
Its better you search for a auction with delivery to europe and maybe acceptance of paypal.
i would suggest you look for english dealer, i got mine off a well known german site that ship here, it worked intermittently for about a day or two and is now completely fekked, it was under warranty if the seals were not broken but i opened it to look for dry solders, i could, apparently, send it back still, but at £40 return fare what would be the point ??

Have you though of getting a dreambox ? i was going to get one and still will at some point but the newer images for dboxes are so rock solid at the mo i am happy. Remember, dreamboxes are brand new, dboxes are anywhere from 5 year upwards old.