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Oct 12, 2005
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Hi guys what is the difference between sagem and nokias , as in are they the same to work with , flash etc....i have a sagem which is pretty good but i am after a silver box , which just happens to be a nokia...
anytthing i should know before ordering?:Cheers:
Yes if you are happy with your sagem you will be ecstatic with the nokia they are far more reliable and do not freeze as much at least this has been my experience with them. I have had stacks of sagem boxes and they are a nuisance locking re booting et cetera the nokia is far better I’m not saying they are perfect because they are not, but I like and prefer them to sagem any day!!!
Then on the other hand, i have had 2 nokias that were nothing but trouble, ie freezing, rebooting ect. but now got a sagem and it works like a dream, good and bad in them both im afraid.
As for rest of your question no difference to work with both the same for flashing ect. just make sure you use right image 1x or 2x to suit box.
ok thanks again guys just wanted to check if anything was different in the flashing etc............:Cheers:

The only differences in the flashing I have noticed are

Nokias are all 2X sagem are 1X or 2X
after flashing a sagem will reboot a nokia needs to be manually restarted.

Have Fun

yea i prefer the silver nokia myself but evry one has their own opnion