Sagem replacement Gemini Remote Code


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Nov 5, 2005
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Hi Guys,

I have searched the forum for a replacement remote for my Sagem Box, the ones that stuck out for me where the PoundLand and ASDA's remotes as the are both cheap and have shops within 1/2 mile of where I live.

I tried the poundland remote on Sunday to no avial, figuring that as it was only a quid I would cut my losses and get an ASDA GEMINI remote, as I had seen that this had work first time for another member.

I not have both remotes but none work, forgetting about the poundland one, I would like to know if anyone knows the code for the ASDA Gemini Remote as Sagem is listed on the packaging but not code is in the documents :mad: :BLOBBY: :mad:

I am sorry if this has been answered before but I have searched teh forums for the code.

My remote is the "1 universal Remote multi-brand GEMINI"

Many Thanks

For a Sagem try code 604

i dont know if it will work but it comes from another forum where someone bought a remote for there sagem no harm in trying it and if it works could you please let me know m8

Doesn't Work :(


I have just tried 604 on both the Gemini and the Universal from Poundland, and both don't work. :eek:(

Sh0t2bts Aka Mark
yea it was the universal [tevion] remote sorry m8 worth a try cause you never know

604 works on my gemini 4 device remote (the one with advanced sat buttons) with my sagem box.
604 Worked great on the Gemini 4 Asda Remote, Thank You to all who have helped me

Yea, 604 definitly works! I'm an ASDA employee and got one with my discount!!
Decent remote
Just to let you all know, in ASDA there are 3 different Gemini remotes. I think the best one is the 4-1 remote and this is the one to use for the DBOX2. its only £8.97
Forgot to mention the Gemini 4 in 1 remote, Operates both my Sagem and Nokia boxes, All features work with both boxes, it also operates my Pacific DVD player and Toshiba 52" rear projection TV.

For info
It doesn't work on my Logix DVD player.

The only thing left to say is it's a top remote and Im a very happy man once I get a :Cheers: