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Mar 7, 2005
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Does anybody know if this is any good. Would be handy to have if it's as good as the claims make out.

SAFEPLATE - Gives You PERMANENT Protection From GATSO Speed Cameras

More info at

Did you know:
300 UK Drivers lose their licence EVERY DAY! - Are you next???
10,000 UK drivers get a speeding ticket every day - mainly for a small infringment to the speed limit.. Most people really DO drive carefully!
Two speeding endorsements would cost between £700 and £1,500 extra in insurance premiums over the next five years.
15 Million UK drivers have between 3-9 Penalty points on their licence.
A momentary lapse of concentration and your licence is gone!


Safeplate is a unique spray on formula designed, manufactured and produced in the UK for proven protection against the GATSO Speed cameras in the UK and Europe. Safeplate reflects all the light from the high intensity gatso flash, back to the camera, giving a grossly overexposed and unreadable image on the resulting photograph. This means your identity is protected and the potential ticket never gets in the post!

The result? Your licence stays clean. No speeding ticket, fines, penalty points, court appearances or increased insurance premiums. What's more, it's probably the BEST insurance premium you will ever have!

Is it legal: There is no current legislation prohibiting the sale or use of Safeplate.

Does it work: Yes! The reflectivity of Safeplate and similar products have been repeatedly tested by Police authorities and independent sources in countries worldwide. There have been regular reports in the press and on TV confirming the effectiveness of Safeplate.
Can I test it with my digital camera: NO, Speed cameras operate with a flash power of 500 watts. Safeplate is formulated to react within this range. It will NOT react in following car headlights or the 2-4 watt power of a domestic digital camera. We test Safeplate with one tenth the GATSO flash power (50 watts) at a distance of 2-3 metres.(see examples)
Does it work in the daytime as well as night: Yes, Safeplate will reflect the flash light in both daytime and nightime. SEE PHOTOS
How long does the coating last: Once applied the safeplate coating will last for the life of the plate although it is recommended that one or two coeats should be reapplied once a year.
Is it different from the other similar products on the market?: Safeplate is the ONLY product designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for use against the flash of the GATSO speed cameras deployed within the UK and throughout Europe. Other products are American, designed for the American market and for use against American speed cameras.
I remember there used to be a trick like this with hair spray that used to work with speed cameras but they rectified it on gatsos but I'm pretty sure you can still do it but not with hair spray and I'm pretty sure it's not always effective. It can depend on the lighting at the time and what not.

Possibility that it'll work but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a scam.

I'm also pretty sure it is illegal.
Thanks for the replies, but i'm still non the wiser. I can't answer your questions as i was looking for answers myself.