sa dpx100

That's a webstar.
I've heared it said that they can't be done,but i'm sure i read on tcniso that they can with either a cloned mac or that five step programme?????
Is that what alcoholics do??
Anyway it's tcniso software, The stuff they give away for free.
I should have one coming???
If i don't get knocked again,but i might never get around to it.
If you have any luck let me know please.
It won't work in my area.
It's for me bruva!
as far as i know no there's no console access and no way of changing the mac in the 1'st place? makin it useless? could have changed tho as i haven't looked into them for a while??.
*screams* sorry im vex 2day rofl :D uhm no i dont think that modem can be done mate althought its worth a try using the alchoholics 5 step tools from tcniso m8ty :Cheers: give it a go and let me know
hi thanks for your replies
where will i find the software alchoholics 5 step from
anyone know weather this box can be done and where to find the software
Have you opened the modem up yet to have a look.
i got an inforanger.
I was unsoldering tsop just for the fun of it.
I wouldn't do that any more.
You can get the software from
I'm sure i've hereed icarus on there say they can be done.
I think co that and ambits are especially made for the CC's they are interlectula property and you can't say tomuch about them.
i was bidding on a combined stb and sb5100 s while back and it got pulled off for that very reason.
I've one 2 of that modem on ebay.
I got knocked with the first and the other one has got lost in the post.
maybe it the GOD telling me to not waste my time????
open that sucker up and see if there#s anywhere to plug yout max into!!!
you cant do anything with these with any of the onestep or other tools available,i have tried them all, onestep was designed for motorola's.
program it with what? there's no other firmware for it