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Dec 10, 2004
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The photo comp closed in October 2014 due to diminishing interest, and the withdrawal of the cinema tickets prize. (Which was not the fault of the member supplying them.) These rules and the photo comp prefix have been left if there is future interest.

General Rules:

  • The closing date will be announced in the both the submission and discussion threads.
  • Winner will be picked by public poll.
  • Prize will consist of 100 DW cash, the chance to choose the next month's challenge, and 2x Vue or Cineworld cinema tickets (standard seating).
  • Edited photos are permitted. However, unless that month's subject is along the lines of abstract photography, it is unlikely changes beyond stitched/stacked (e.g. HDR and panoramas) will be allowed. Composite images and similar photo manipulations are not permitted.
  • Please use common sense when taking images. Trespass is illegal and potentially dangerous.
  • Although you don't need model release forms for non-commercial work, it is recommended you at least gain verbal permission before photographing anyone.
  • You retain all rights to the image submitted, but grant permission (non-transferable) to, and its owners, to use any submitted image for the purposes of site promotion. To revoke this permission you must email or PM Mick.
  • The previous month's winner is allowed to start the next month's submission thread.
Submission Rules:
  • The submission/discussion thread will be closed for new posts after the posted date.
  • Entries not made in the submission thread, may be missed and will be discounted.
  • Photographs should be taken for the purpose of that month's competition. We ask that you don't submit an image you've previously taken.
  • You must be the photographer of the image submitted.
  • You can only enter one image per month, and the standard forum edit time applies. So think about which image you submit carefully, as you will not be able to edit the post after 60 mins.
  • Members entering photos deemed by the mod team to not be within of that month's theme will be notified by PM, and have their entry removed. They will be permitted to submit a new image for that month's competition.
  • This section of the forum is visible to minors, nudes are not permitted.
  • You should embed the photographs into your post. Minimum resolution is 800x600. Suggested resolution is 1024x768. We would prefer members to utilise our own gallery. However, uploading directly to the thread, or linking from Imageshack, Photobucket, Flickr or other image host is permitted.
    (Please note: our no affiliate link rule still applies - entries submitted via a paying image host will be removed, and a ban may be issued.)
  • When discussing submissions, any positive criticism should at least state why you like an image - i.e. post clocking is just as closely monitored here as the rest of the forum.
  • We ask that any negative criticism is kept constructive. Similarly, members submitting photos are asked not to take offence to negative criticism received (including leaving negative rep).
Voting Rules:
  • Voting will not open until the submission thread is closed.
  • Votes made outside of the voting thread, including any made in the discussion thread, will not be counted.
  • You are allowed to both enter and vote. Please note, however, that all votes will be public.
  • In the event of a tie, a runoff vote will occur.
Additional guidance:
Photographers are recommended to familiarise themselves with certain aspects of law. Specifically: Obstruction, trespass, breach of the peace, and the Terrorism Act 2000. A good place to start would be to follow the outlinks of this wikipedia article: Photography and the law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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