RS232 Max


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Nov 5, 2005
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Where can I get this item from?
Im from the leicester area.
Tailor-madecircuits seems closed down, I went to their shop but its closed and he hasnt been answering hes phone for over 1 week.
Hi mate just go to maplins buy the parts and make one thats what i did today and i works a treat :) . Only cost me £7:14 and took me a hour to put it together. :Cheers:

Hope this helps you mate.
Just pop in if you need one. We are open sometimes busy with the phones.

great stuff m8, TMC is a really nice setup, great fast service aswell!!!
l33tplay4r4 rofl :D *coughs* brown nose ;@) nah only kidding m8ty TMC is great like i have a max232 that a friend got from there and its great i might invest in a phoenix from there an all like ;) :Cheers:
It's all in the download section above the threads.
The ambit 200 tut by jasper conran. It's got a diagram.
The max233 is easyer as you dont need resistors.
You can get all the bits from maplins