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Oct 23, 2005
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stockton-on-tees teesside
got a strange one here got a rom11 boc haven't tride glitching it as i haven't got a t911 yet but when i try reading it in nagraedit it comes up and asks me for the password witch i belevie it is unlocked as my other boc cards all say backdoor disabled may contain update any way when i try it in the box it comes up and says new card waiting

Any ideas anybody or will a t911 sort it

: santahat
just dad a rom 10 with backdoor disabled may contain update open it easy with the nexus so you should have no proplem i used mrmp 1.5 release version
Just try to REOPEN it with XNCS program by choosing different ghost in settings.
You may have luck and get a card with a ghost in it alrready.
If it asks for password then it's Definitely been written to, in the past with a Boc image
i got a rom 11 boc mosc card but i cant seem to find a rom 11 boc au image so i can re prog it.. or can i use any other rom 11 images..
if card is open thenyou can use any rom11 image

Remember that it has to be for your area
ohh thanks man :p any idea which is best rom 11 if not i shall try out that non locking release cuz it seems very attractive to use due to the name lol :pPPP
Still can't read this rom11 boc tried every way i can think of tried xncs but i get atr error the only program that even atemps to read it is nagraedit but i don't have the password i have double checked my hardware and it is ok as i can read other mosc in xncs looks like i got another ice scraper