Rom 11 Rev B0c backdoor problem


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Mar 26, 2005
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I've gliched my TW Rom 11 Rev B0C card in a T911 with the '5A01_ROM11-B0C.XVB' script.

I then attemped to read it into Nagraedit but it fails and says " Error backdoor repoeted disabled - card may contain update"

I've tried reading the card within XNCS but failed, it could not write a ghost version or something like that.

I tried Rom studio but it failed on all the dumps except BD3 which asked for a password that I do not posses.

Have i m missed something somewhere?

Any help would be most appreciated.
Try to glitch the card once more, this time using a different script. The multiprovider multirom script can be found in the download section and is very good.

Sometimes the card is still locked even though the bug seems to have been hit with your first script. The fact that you saw "Error backdoor repoeted disabled - card may contain update" is a good indication of the card not being fully unlocked yet.
Success at last

You were absolutey right mate,

I managed to fully unlock the card with the "ROM 11 b0c script multiproviders (rtrap) RC1.4b.vxb" script.

I can now read the details in nagraedit.

Many thanks for the advise


Hi Guys,

I am having thr same problem glitching but I am having more difficulty finding the "Rom 11 b0c script multiproviders (rtrap) RC1.1b.vxb"
mentioned above.
Can any one please send me the file or link.
Any help much appreciated.