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Jun 23, 2005
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ok got a rom11 mosc card glitched it and wrote a image to it from the downloads no prob but when i wrote the image to it the backdoor keys were all 0's now i cant write a new image to it because nagra dont see 0's and when i try it asks for back doorkeys when i use xncs to try to rewrite the keys it says allready done so any help would be greatfull
yes i can see all the backdoor key but they are all zero's
you have to type 32 zeros into nagra - just because the text entry box shows all zeros doesn't mean it takes the bd key unless you type them in
ok mate typed 32 0's in a it says bad password
Hi mate:Cheers:
Have u tried rom studio 1.6
Open it go to backdoor tab
Click arrow on dump and login aprendiz
It will ask if u want a ghost say yes
Now if u click eepom tab u will see a different bd0 key
Mine seem to start 00 00 ff ff 00
But this doesnt matter
Next get your nagra image with bk etc all done
Change the file extension(.bn11) to .bin
If using xp click tools folder options
Then view tab and untick
Hide extensions for known file types
now u can see the bin/bn11/bn10
Back to rom studio click the folder in top left
Open eeprom image. Select the image u have made
Back to backdoor tab click arrow by write and login aprendiz
And if you followed me card written :Smileysex
not got rom 1.6 mat so cant try it only got the new one 2.4
ok crackerchalk done as u said and it comes up password invalid but thanks for the info mate
cheers for that exoticasian30 much greatfull
no mate not managed to sort it out but thanks to everybody for there help
use mrom to repair the bd keys - heres an english copy....
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