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Dec 14, 2006
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i know a couple...what about..

"oh manchester, is full of sh*t,
oh manchester, is full of sh*t,
its ful of sh*t, sh*t, and more sh*t,
oh manchester, is full of sh*t"

and the classic..

"who the f*ck are man united" etc....

heres the list you can easily download..
Anderson chant.mp3 (133.5 KB, 79 views)
Every Single One Of Us Loves Alex Ferguson Chant.mp3 (72.4 KB, 38 views)
Football Chant Rooney.mp3 (46.8 KB, 53 views)
Hello Hello We Are The United Boys.mp3 (129.5 KB, 38 views)
Manchester United FC Chant.mp3 (97.9 KB, 44 views)
Manchester United Songs - Take me Home United Road.mp3 (1.09 MB, 60 views)
Manchester United Take Me Home.mp3 (45.4 KB, 28 views)
Ooh Aah Cantona.mp3 (122.3 KB, 45 views)
Pride of all of Europe.mp3 (180.1 KB, 34 views)
Red Army.mp3 (125.8 KB, 16 views)
Red Flag Flying High.mp3 (138.9 KB, 23 views)
Stand Up For The Champions.mp3 (60.8 KB, 23 views)
That Boy Ronaldo Chant.mp3 (38.4 KB, 50 views)
United Top Of The League Chant.mp3 (208.3 KB, 15 views)
viva ronaldo.mp3 (196.3 KB, 55 views)
Wayne Rooney Manchester United Fanchant.mp3 (74.2 KB, 40 views)
We Won The Cup.mp3 (126.7 KB, 22 views)
When The Reds Go Marching In.mp3 (138.4 KB, 23 views)

any way her you go mate
Manchester United Chants - Ace Games - Free Mobile Downloads

this must kill you getting help off a liverpool