Richard Prior Dies at 65


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Mar 6, 2005
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Comedian Richard Pryor died Saturday of a heart attack, his wife told CNN. He was 65. Pryor had been ill with multiple sclerosis. Pryor became a legend of comedy by tapping his rage and agonies for laughs. He was the biggest name in standup comedy in the 1970s, winning Grammy awards for his comedy albums. He also appeared in nearly 40 films. Pryor had long been in fragile health. He suffered a massive heart attack and underwent triple bypass surgery in 1990.

R.i.p :(
OMG what a shock :( i loved richard pryor........... R.I.P
Yep was one of the best comedians.
Sad to see him go.
i heard this on the radio yesterday, i was shocked. His films were great, he was great, he wil be missed.

deffo a great loss. I loved the Stir Crazy films - Prior also stole the show in Superman 3. RIP
yeah got to agree with you guy's defo one of the best..........

R.I.P Richard

Sadly Missed.......................