Retentions deals?


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Dec 27, 2005
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What deals are you guys getting?

I am out of contract at the moment and wanted to upgrade to 50mb broadband but the best deal I can get is:

Phone: M
Upgrade BB from L to XXL

for £39.99 per month no installation fee.

Or if I want to goto 20mb it will be £31.99 per month.

I am thinking of cancelling all together and trying to sign up again using quidco? Not sure when the quidco offer expires though.

Let me know what you think.
There's very little in the way of deals with VM these days as they have pretty much been instructed to only offer the list prices. What you quote above sounds about right (50Meg is £8 more than 20Meg for those that also have a phone, M TV is effectively VM's offering of freeview to cable customers and costs nothing if you have BB/Phone)

The best you can do with deals is to get VM to waive the 50Meg install/activation fees (about £60 presently I think) by argueing that new customers get this free so existing customers should be entitled to the same benefits. If your really lucky you may also get the £15pm for 3 month rate that new customers get for 50Meg (instead of the normal £28pm).
Its £40 install but they said they will waive that but thats about it... Tried the 3 months at half price thing but they said thats for new customers only but they would have to pay the install fee so you only save like £2.
i am also out of contract...
i tried to get a deal from them, but they wouldn't play ball at all.
best they could offer me was a free upgrade to a v+ box, however this would tie me into a years contract...

needless to say i declined their "generous" offer and upgraded my vermin box to an A780 box :)
Yeh thats the only catch if I upgrade to 50mb I have to to be stuck with them for another 12months.

Decided to go for 20mb for now... £5 extra per month and can downgrade after 2months if need be...
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i am on 50 mb bb and all 0845 and all national calls free 24/7 for £40.99 ,just basic tv though
I've finally bitten the bullet.

Probably (almost certainly) not the best deal, but I've got:

2 x V+ HD Boxes (Multi-room installation)
20MB Broadband
XL TV package
Sky Sports + HD package
Free weekend calls only
Free installation

List price is £106
I got it for £76

Like I said, not great but it will do for now.