Banned for good!
Jul 20, 2005
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simple madness, loved it. :)
bloody hell blast from the past thought this was good all those years ago lol
gonna try and find it to upload lol
I've got series 1 on VHS, but I don't think it started to get good until about series 3
never heard of it u bunch of OAPS.:proud:

now randal and hopkirk DECEASED thier was a good program lol
I saw this in d/l section and was going to suggest mentioning it in general chat :)
One of my favorite programs (thursday around 4ish if i recall) watched it for about 8 years lol. It was one of them shows that was bonkers, you could drift off in your head (like i do all too often) and you wouldn't lose the plot because there wasn't one lol

P.S. Used to fancy Miss Pop Off. :)
Loved it, although dont remember a lot of it. Just remember the pantomine horse, and the ghost and jester. And the music was mad as. lol.
I don't know if any of you know this, but Michael Staniforth, the guy that played Timothy Claypole died in 1987 from AIDS.

oh and BTW, the Horse wasn't real.
Damn - the horse wasn't real, your kidding. :arrrr:
It does not say much for a show, when the highlight of the programme was a pantomime horse, however this tv show had me captivated as a child with it's right kind of zany stuff. I saw miss popov (Sue Nicholls) just about every day when I used to work at Granada TV, she always gave me a smile unlike a couple of big headed no talent snooty nosed husband and wife morning TV chat show presenters.
what a great series. still looking for rest of series 7-9.. posted what i found so far..