remote controls are crap


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Jul 27, 2005
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Andromeda system
Can someone please tell me if the box causes the remote to be unresponsive or the remotes are just total utter crap, i have broken my 2 by hurling them at the wall in anger...... even with fresh batteries in i was having to tap it on my knee every now and then to get it to respond......i heard argos sell compatible remotes for these boxes, has anyone used one ?
Try a seach for "remotes" 1 or 2 have had varying success with different replacement types. You sometimes see them on fleabay too, but again ur taking a chance on them being any good.
i bought a cheap multi purpose one out of poundstreachers for £1:99 after i got it tuned in to box which wasnt that hard managed to get all the keys to do the same as the original
are you sure its the remote and not your box mate ?

well, thats what i am asking.....would the box cause it ?......its cracked to fek now anyway cause posed with the choice of hitting remote or dbox, the remote gets it ;)