Remote App For TM800HD [iPhone]


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Aug 29, 2001
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digi posted about a smart phone remote apps a day or so ago,so i had a look about

I decided to get this one as it says you can control via 3G whilst your away from the box,although I haven't managed to get this to work over 3G lol but that more than likely something I'm doing wrong .....DreamOn - the manager for your Dreambox

DreamOn £1.19

just thought id share with you guys,nice app though :)

iTunes Link

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Hi i`m using Slingplayer mobile with my tm800hd, of course to use this you need a slingplayer attached to your box but it works perfectly changing channels and sats etc.

using 3gs jailbroken
I tried to get an app on the iphone for the dm500s, its actually an openmedia 500cs but essentially the same thing, I assume .. anyhow it was the free one but it didn't work so didnt want to chance downloading another 1. skin flint me..
Steak which remote are you using on your slingbox mate I got it working on my HTC but cant change channels your advice would be much appreciated
For those still looking there's a slingplayer remote now available for the tm800hd just google it and you'll find it
I currently use Dreamote, which works perfectly with my TM800, but if this app allows me to change channels from home and if it can let me record then that will be perfect, even if it can change it from home that would be handy.

Does anyone know what to put in for:

Annoymous Login ON/OFF
if on:
System: enigma 2 (obviously lol)
big remote (DB800) - on/off
Zap to EPG- On/Off
Vibration ON/OFF

NAME: a name so you know what receiver youre controling
URL: use a dns account and port forward on your router, enter dns address here
Annoymous Login ON/OFF
if on:
User: receiver login details, user is root
Pass: password for receiver
System: enigma 2 (obviously lol)
big remote (DB800) - on/off try the different ones to see what works most functions
Zap to EPG- On/Off
Vibration ON/OFF
tried this for vu+duo but didnt work i was sure there was something somehwere that worked the vu+or am i talking bol**** again?