Red Arrested Last Night - Help Needed


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Mar 24, 2005
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A 36-year-old man was tied naked to a tree and beaten by outraged villagers i on WEDNESDAY after being caught having sex with a local female sheep. (At least it was a female!) FONDLY KNOWN AS RED, HE suffered a serious head injury when the sheep's owner threw a machete at him after finding him in a compromising position with his prize ewe.RED was later frogmarched naked to a police station with the violated ovine in tow where he confessed to several acts of bestiality that he blamed on the devil, according to officials.

I love Ewe!

"I was sent by the devil to do that," Kiplagat told the angry crowd which included one disgusted woman who claimed to have also seen him engaging in sex acts with a dog.

"I saw this man mounting a dog two weeks ago at around seven in the evening and I was so surprised," the woman told reporters.

The accused adamantly denied allegations the woman's accusation and insisted that his affection for animals was limited to sheep.

"I only made love to the ewe twice using two condoms but I never do it regularly," he said in his defense. "And as for shagging a dog? "That would be disgusting! " What sort of pervert would do that?", he added.

The man admitted that his affection for sheep began as a child after he received a particularly soft wool sweater as a gift one Christmas.

This whole story reminds the guys here at the Gag Report of a friend of ours who was asked during a game of Truth or Dare whether, given a hypothetical choice, he would rather shag a sheep or French kiss it.

He paused for a moment before giving the following puzzling reply:

"But surely if I was shagging the sheep, I would already be French kissing it?"
pmsl do know they can put a luvly spurs crest were that sheep is dont you lol.....