Recording to pc other methods ?


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Jul 27, 2005
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I want to record from dbox to pc, i have very large hdd's and have tried to follow chi's guide but it does not work for me due to a certain area of the guide not being applicable to me, mainly the part that mentions setting folder permissions, i can share a folder but the guide goes on to say set permissions, i am using windows xp pro and when i right click on a folder and set share there are no options to set permissions as per the guide so i am looking for other methods with guide to achieve this goal.

Right click on the c:\movies file you've created - under the properties then sharing tab check the boxes 'Share this folder on the network' & 'allow all network users to change my files' - this worked for me using xp pro.
If you go to "My Computer", click the "Tools" menu, then go to "Folder Options" it will bring up a dialog box.

Click on the "View" tab, and scroll right to the bottom of the list.
Make sure that "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" is unticked.

Click OK, and then try sharing the folder again. The permissions section will then be visible.
Yes you can get it to work with xp, when you have right clicked on the folder go to properties then sharing it will appear as if nothing is there to select but if you click on the blue dialogue which says something like you understand the consequences of sharing it should show the options you need.