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Recording Playback problems using Diorj0.6


Inactive User
Jan 19, 2007
HI All,

I've set up my CIFS share from by 500-C to my PC - records fine,

However I can't playback at all. I go into file mode, find the programs ok, but when I play them they appear on the screen for a second, then the screen diagonally flashes grey and then goes blank.

I then lose the signal from my dreambox to my tv. I'm connected using a scart cable.

My CIFS mount settings are standard using:

options: rw.soft.udp.nolock
extra: nolock.rsize=8192.wsize=8192

I have also tried with 4096 block sizes too with the same result.

Any ideas how to get around this issue?

Thx in advance