recording a music tape on to computer


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Aug 9, 2001
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:ST Geo: :Ha: :Ha: hi all
not been on for three weeks been in hospital home for the weekend then out next friday.
well i am stuck what i want to do is a favour for one of the staff we have four relaxation tapes but i want to burn them to cd i have my two laptops and a tower but i dont have any jack holes on my tape player (its a modern one that plays mp3 disks also but the only hole is for a small but fast laptop has a built in microphone so i thought just record that way but when i use sound recorder it only allows me to record for one minute so i know one of you technophiles will be able to point me in the right direction thanks geoff
If you have audio tapes, find someone with a 'walkman' and then use the headphone socket from that to connect to your 'Line In' on your soundcard on your desktop pc.

There are a number of audio capture programs (PM for a link/upload), I use Goldwave which has plugins which can clean up any hiss/crackles/pops on from your recording and also increase the dynamic range to give you a fuller sound.

I can also send you Total Recorder with two Plugins (less than 3mb) if you prefer.

Oh yeah nearly forget to add, hope your feeling better now!!

as chrome307 says u need another cassette player with audio cable to line in on your sound card, recording with the mic will introduce loads and loads of additional noise and if its relaxation tapes thats all u want to record.......
i use adobe audition for all my audio needs ripping/recording from any input etc etc its probably a bit over the top as its a heavy weight home studio software but it very easy to use and gives excelent results.