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Mar 27, 2006
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Anyone have anyluck doing this. I'm currently using Commando 7.5 on my XBOX and XBMC 2.0.1 I believe on my XMBC.

Trying to get it so I hit record and it uses the XBMC HardDrive where I can pull the file of later.

Anyone have anyluck?
Have you actually shared a drive on your XBMC that is mapped via the Dbox ?

or how about

Thanks for the reply pt-1

I really want to stick with the neutrino option, I've seen the link before and didn't go for it.

As for sharing the XBMC and mapping it on the xbox, can you point me to some simple instruction. What ip enter where etc..

Thanks again
Sweet sweet sweet... this is brilliant. I have been trying for ages to get this working on xbox whilst still retaining functionality of XBMC. So now its truly working as a PVR and media centre. Delighted is an understatement. Have just tried it and its working great.

PT1 . Is this a new thing. How long has this been out for.(ie the Mount Network via FTPFS) I ended trying a work around by putting linux on xbox and using that to record to the F drive when i wanted to record but to be honest it was a bit laborious having to boot into linux each time as it too about 2 minutes to load. Also kept getting what it think were samba permission errors. I would record once and it would be fine but then would have to reboot xbox and dbox in order to do another recording or it would just come up with directory not writeable.

I understood the problem trying to record staight to xbox F drive was that it was not possible to write to the fatx partition.
FTP Recording has been in there I think from the beginning ...

You could also wake the XBox up if it supports WakeUpOnLan via the Dbox.

There is also a Enigma Feature integrated into the XBMC and a coder would need to rewrite it to include a sumular feature into Neutrino...

Unfortunately no one seems interested ..

Johnbhoy, which enigma image do you use on your DBox? I've only used neutrino images so far, but i'd like to sort out this xbox thing.
@PT1 ..I checked through your last few helfpfiles and its been on there since 1.63 at least anyway… cannot believe I had not noticed it before.As I always used to use the dboxtv file link on the help file to get this working. I was on other more xbox related sites and no one ever seemed to have a solution for this. Yet its been there all along. The dboxtv recording worked fine for me also but would have preferred the direct recording method so you can use timed recordings. Don’t use the xbox to view the tv as its in the main room anyway. Was purely for recording purposes.

The wakeonlan thing is also another thing I looked at and I was also of the understanding this will not work as the hardware of the xbox will not support it. You can wake pc up from xbox but not the other way round.
But I am pretty sure they said as well that it was not possible to write to the fatx partition directly via dbox also so you never know. May be worth checking again.

I also tried the tuxvision thing that gemini started but it had not implemented recording at time of trying it . The viewer itself worked fine. Did not really like enigma on my sagem though so switched back to Nuetrino as picture was 10 times better.

@ Mattbuffey. I don’t use engima as above. I use commando 7.5 and have found it really good for recording so far. Pictyre quality also very good and quick channel change. Would recommend this image.

If looking to record to xbox then use the method above. If looking to use xbox to view the dbox then use the dboxtv file.
I've followed the instructions in commando 7.5 but i didnt work. Did the exact same in Commando 6 and it appears thats it is working. Anyway thank you PT-1

Anyone know, how much space does 1 Hour of recording take?