Recommend me an ethernet to wireless adapter?


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Feb 5, 2007
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As subject,

Want Stable, cheap, fast (in that order).

>1 ethernet port would be nice!
I always thought wireless went to USB and not ethernet.Linksys are my favourite for all types of wireless
hi have been looking for ethernet to wireless looked every where even looked for adapter quite a few peeps say there is not one available somebody should make one make a fortune
just a thought you can get a wireless access point or a ethernet bridgethey go ethernet to wireless me thinks
ive often had trouble setting up routers but i have found that the linksys wireless -g is user friendly and affordable for about £40 to £45 at pc world. and the best part about it is if u cant get ya head around it u can always get ya money back if you keep ya reciept lol
I've used a linksys wireless bridge ( model WET54G) to connect an ethernet device over a 100 metre distance to a wireless router ( NETGEAR 834G)
and it works a treat. The device can be used like any other on my wired network.
Its not clear what you are trying to achieve.

A wireless network adaptor IS already ethernet, what I think you are looking for is a wireless device that plugs into an RJ45 socket. - They all either plug into an RJ45 or USB socket, unless you get a card that uses a slot in the PC and hangs the antenna out of the back. A lot of routers also have a wireless facility.

Look at the various types and select the one that suits your objectives.

If you are looking for more specific info, please clarify your question.
Ive got an aging buffalo router / wireless network point, and i have to say its the best buy ive ever had, ive previously had linksys, and netgear setups and they have always prooved problamatic for me. But the buffalo has been faultless since the firmware was upgraded. The best part was it only cost me £30 and ive had it there for 3 years now. the model i have is whr g54. The good thing about this one is it supports subnets (another network connected to it, ie nas to dreambox though an net switch) which more modern routers wouldnt.