Recommend a good quality splitter?


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Feb 24, 2007
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Can anybody recommend a good quality 3 way splitter to run a Eurovox, Dreambox and modem off one line?

I've looked on eBay and there seems to be a few different makes and specs so would like the right one.

Link to 3 way splitters on eBay
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hi m8, I use 2 4-way digitap low intermodulation splitters (5 - 1000Mhz / 7DB) to run 4 cable boxes 1 dbox2 and 2 modems of the 1 feed (split to 2 feeds) and have never had any problems, Just moved house recently too and setup works a treat still.
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So you can actually feed a splitter off a splitter?

For example, Incoming cable into a 2 way splitter (1) - port 1 feeds cable box, port 2 routes 20metres to feed another splitter (2) - port 1 feeds another cable box, port 2 feeds a modem.

Would there be any potential issues with this setup? Would my internet speed (currently 10MB) be affected when running through 2 splitters?
Adding several splitters will decrease your signal quality and you may end up loosing channels on the cable boxes. The channels may also freeze and stutter.

Everyones signal strength is different so it's really trial and error.

I am running with 2 splitters and it's ok. You'll probably get 3 at most out of the one feed before it degrades beyond use.
Looking again at splitters, specifically Qamtex as I already use a 2 way balanced splitter made by them, product code VQ1002. Both output ports are labelled as 3.5db.
Any idea what difference higher or lower figures make?
For example Qamtex also make unbalanced splitters - a 3 way (VQ1003U) which has one port labelled as 3.5db and the other two labelled as 7.0db.
Which would be the stronger signal, 3.5db or 7.0db?
Basically I'm wondering if I was to feed another splitter from this, which port would I use - 3.5db or 7.0db?
Obviously I'd want to use the stronger one as that signal would be split again further down the line?

Make sense? :confused:
my understanding is that the lower the dB value the better the signal (less noise created)

In the above case the 3.5db will be better than the 7db.

(That's only my thinking, not necessarily 100% correct)