real time posts?????


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Apr 26, 2006
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hi guys i have had a search but didnt see anything. the real time posts is very intermittant. it only works every so often just wondering if there is a problem or if its something at my end??
workin fine for me now it does the same every night. i click on it and click on it and it just shows an updated home page. then eventually it works????? any ideas please???
nope works fine here you using ie7 that has a few bugs yet.
ahhh that must be it i am useing ie7. funny though only the second bit of bother i have had since it came out. oh well hope it gets sorted some how thanks. has n e one else had the same probs on ie7??????
i use both IE7 and firefox later works ok no probs
freezes for me a lot i stay mostly on home page
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i have a way of makeing it work if any one has the same prob. for some reason if i select realtime posts while im on the home page it will not work?? but if i select it from new posts it works perfectly