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Nov 24, 2005
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Hello people.

Ok this might be a stupid question, please forgive me, but could someone pls tell me on how do i use the following file. what is the file? and would i be able to use it, i am in a ntl area, in east london. I was hoping to use the atmega163 card.

any advice greatful.

SAF:Cheers: :BLOBBY:
i replied in the fun card section mate . you posted in there asking about atmega as well .
Better off with a fun at the moment (and it's easier)

Have your boxkey and ird ready.

Open the rstgen.exe .

Type in ur boxkey and ird into the program. Select the correct area, ntl etc.

Click generate rst hex, then save the file on desktop. Call it rstflashNovember27 or something meaningful.

Then open up ur programming software.

The flash file is the file that u just made - so put that in there.

The Internal epprom file is dependant on ur area:

RsT_exCW_IntEEP.hex for ex-vw

RsT_NTL_IntEEP.hex for ntl


RsT_TW_IntEEP.hex for u guessed it TW!

That’s it ur dun, click write and u have a updated card.