RAC Windscreens


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Feb 12, 2008
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It seems that most insurance companies use RAC windscreens as their approved fitters.

I can tell you they are shite. They are just so incompetent.
Fiat Punto needed new screen, Rac came about 4 times but kept saying 'it might rain so I'll come back another day'. It took 6 weeks before they fitted the screen, 2 days later it rained and water pissed in all over the seats.
I made them pay for a valet and fit another screen.

Year old Mini Cooper S, just before xmas windsreen cracked they fitted it in February. Today driving down a motorway the rubber trim round the top blew off completely. So they've got to fit new trim.
I wanted BMW to fit the windscreen but the insurance said they would only pay £50 if RAC didn't fit it.
I've heard of other people who've had trouble with them.

Stay away if you can.
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