Qviart Dual 4k Uhd Linux Enigma2+Android 9.0 Combo Review & Setup Guide


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Apr 13, 2007
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Qviart Dual 4k Uhd Linux Enigma2+Android 9.0 Combo Review & Setup Guide


With a spec DVB-S2X+T2/C H.265 IPTV 2GB RAM 16GB the Dual is fairly well specced to feature Android and Enigma 2 on the same receiver.

The Android side of this box is capable of using Forever SP codes. The Dual in my option is priced on the high side considering unlike the Viark range there is no attached Forever sub and you need to seek a SP code for it.

Booting up the box seem quick and the initial setup is time date and location.

Once booted we need to Flash the latest firmware.

There are two options

Qviart DUAL PT (1.07) This is to be used if you have a Dual already and have flashed PT firmware previously.


For most if you are setting up the dual from the box youll need the following firmware.

Qviart DUAL (Special)

DOWNLOA618.25 MB file on MEGAD

To flash this firmware is simple download it and extract the rar file to a fat32 formatted USB stick.
Insert the usb stick in the front slot of the Qviart Dual.
On your remote, navigate to Main Settings-Update-USB
Select the update bin file and press ok.

Go make a coffee or beer you'll need a beer later :ROFLMAO:

After booting youll be greeted with a very clean and well laid out UI

Android Ui (1).jpg

At this point we need to do a factory reset this is very important or the receiver will not behave properly.

To do this on your remote navigate to Settings-Personal-Reset
Select reset all and press ok.

Complete the basic settings and then we can start to setup the sat side and channels.

On the front screen select Channel search.

You be greeted with this


If you have a motor scroll down to usuals first and enter your coordinates

Usuals Setup.jpg

Exit that and then select motor

Motor Select Sat section.jpg
On The satellite option at the top scroll <> on the remote and select all the sats on your arc and set each one to usuals and exit.

Now Select Antenna Settings.

Her first setup you LNB

Ant1Move Motor Use.jpg

At the bottom you see the Start Search option, this has multiple choices and this is where the Dual has bugs.

Satellite search does not move the dish after hitting OK
Multi Sat Search will cause the box to freeze as you start the search.
Blind scan also freezes the Dual but a second attempt may complete it scan but its not a given.

So here is my workaround to manually search all sat positions and get the motor to move to the correct position in the arc

On the top option of the Antenna Configuration, Highlight Satellite
Press the ok button and select the first position you want to scan and press the OK button, then again this will move the dish to the correct position.
Scroll down to start search and press ok

Ant1Move Motor Use.jpg

The search will now reliably start

Sat serach with channels.jpg

After the search completes, reboot the box fully and commence with your next search till you have completed your full arc.

I'll attach my list for those that want to save time it includes all major sats from 45e to 30w

If you need your serial number youll find that under

Main Setting-Device-About and select status and press ok.

The EPG on the Dual has a Nice UI but like Viark the EPG itself is not full


The remote for the box is excellent smooth operation no clicking but i could not get the learning feature to work.
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From the Android UI you can boot directly into Enigma 2

E2 Android boot.jpg

Four slots are provided and ive loaded them up with my favourite e2 images

E 2 slots.jpg

On the Enigma 2 side, there are no bugs to report the dual works in the same way most multiboot image boxes would do.

The enigma 2 side is fairly quick not Octagon sf8008 quick but quick enough to deal with stream relay with no issues at all.And quicker than say a H11.

My thoughts on making this box a real winner are fixing the bugs on the Android side.

Fix the freezing on Multi Sat search and blind scan.
With the blind scan im positive, the freeze occurs when the box tries to add the new TP's found to the database.
EPG needs to be more complete, an issue with most Forever boxes which never seems to get fixed.
Putting the box into standby from the remote does not work.
New Full Motor List

55 East to 30 West No major sat positions missing this time :D but im still hung over 😂

All positions were done under blind scanning option.

Install list under Backup and Load options.
Set your USUALS coordinates and your good to go on a Universal LNB.

Took some doing this with all the Dual's scanning issues, so i hope it helps some of you set up quickly.


  • Ferret Qviart Dual Full Motor List 55 East to 30 West.rar
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It seems very few (if anybody) is aware of this, so I thought I would share the info.

If you power the box off at the rear and then on again (or shutdown / restart the box), when the display shows boot you have a few options.

As soon as boot is displayed (not before):

Repeatedly pressing OK on the remote control will boot recovery mode, you know it has worked when the display changes to RECO (although it looks more like AECO), from here you can boot any slot (provided the slot is not corrupted), reflash any slot (via network or usb) or boot Android. Sometimes it takes a few attempts, if you start pressing before "boot" shows then it seems not to work and if you start pressing too late, again it doesn't seem to work.

Repeatedly pressing 0 on the remote control will boot Android.

Repeatedly pressing 1 on the remote control will boot Enigma2 slot 1.

Repeatedly pressing 2 on the remote control will boot Enigma2 slot 2.

Repeatedly pressing 3 on the remote control will boot Enigma2 slot 3.

Repeatedly pressing 4 on the remote control will boot Enigma2 slot 4.

Also worth noting, that if the Android image becomes corrupted (bootloop), then you have to restore the Android image, starting with the factory image (currently 5.0) then updating to 1.0.4 (special) and then 1.0.6 assuming you wish to use the PT firmware.

However when you have to recover android, only Enigma2 Slot 1 will then boot, slots 2,3,4 will all need to be flashed again, so it's a good idea to make regular full backups of all enigma2 slots, and I would suggest it's better to keep your most used (favourite) image in Slot 1, as there is less chance of loosing this slot if Android gets into a bootloop (although it can still happen).

Anyway hope this info is of use to some of you with this box.
So here is the list.

53e-30w Blind scan on all the major sat positions.

Very frustrating to do this with the duals Android scanning issues, either freezing during scans or booting you out mid scan.

There is also the issue of the Dual not always sending the dish to the correct position, so if you find channels that should not be under a specific sat or a sat positon missing well hard lines :ROFLMAO: Scan the arc yourself. :D you dont have to use this list 😝

Main reason for this and it seems to effect mainly sats on the west side, you send the dish west it goes east and starts to scan. My remote has been flung around the room on a number of occasions. This happens on either of my Usuals dishes.

I think i may have upset the Dual and its getting back on me for disturbing it from it's usual role of propping the dinning room door open :unsure:

List was made with universal LNB setup.

Install list with backup & load option from a usb stick

Setup your usuals coordinates and reboot.


  • Ferret Qviart Dual Full Motor List 53 East to 30 West 16-07-23.rar
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1.07 for Qviart DUAL
Bugs fixed and improvements:
1. Randomly BOOT LOOP fixed
2. PVR function and play records files in the box working well.
3. Scan freezes while doing Normal, Blind or Multiscan
4. Motor scan issues fixed
5. Scan with Unicable issues fixed
6. Channels missed when scan fixed.
and more small bugs fixed

- 2 small bugs that will be fixed in the following version:

1. When play a channel and put the box on Standby, when you turn on and make zapping the infobar will show always the info of the first channel opened after the standby, it doesn't happen in POWER OFF mode.
2. Graphic error in the ENTER CURRENT PIN screen in the Locker and Parental menus, it is only a grpahic error, if you input the Password it will unlocked the menu.
This is a very good update.

Recording Icam none icam works from timer and instant record.
Recording Playback works fine via filemanger.
I've just completed a multisat scan from 56east to 34 west and it never froze.
Blind scan completes and does not freeze.
EPG Pro now implemented, although on some sat its just Now and Next.
Patch menu is also activate and keys can be added Biss etc.

All in all im now happy to say the dual if worth considering.
03-11-2023-Channel-list+packages/bouquets-from-55East to 34.5West for-Qviart Dual-4k-UHD-BY-FENEKI
up 30w
up 4.9e
up 13e
up 19.2e
up Badr4/8 @ 26e
up 28.2e
+All Satellites channels and packages bouquets fully updated

channel list on USALS > use it for Forever+ key + FTA from 55East to 34.5West that I can receive on my Motor 1.1dish

always make sure you change Longitude and Latitude for your location

always keep a backup of your channel list because if you don't like mine you can put your channel list back


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There has been an update from the Qviart Team anyone who now purchases a Qviart Dual will get two years access to the server included with the box. This puts the box on an equal footing with the Viarks. Enjoy.
There has been an update from the Qviart Team anyone who now purchases a Qviart Dual will get two years access to the server included with the box. This puts the box on an equal footing with the Viarks. Enjoy.
Actually, the dual is cheaper now than the Viark 4K.
There has been an update from the Qviart Team anyone who now purchases a Qviart Dual will get two years access to the server included with the box. This puts the box on an equal footing with the Viarks. Enjoy.
Lads the Spanish boards has miss translated what their Chinese source has reported.

I've spoken with a Viark Dealer this morning. I wanted a spare remote and asked the question if the dual came with SP1 or SP2.

The Dual does not come with 2 years included.

Im told it comes with no sub still, however when you apply a first SP1 or SP2 code you will get 3 years service and not 1 year. So you are get 2 years free but still need to apply a code.

So im not sure who has this correct, the Dealer or the Spanish boards.