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Jan 16, 2006
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I've only just started using quidco. When I used it to order something the other day it gave me a voucher code to enter at the checkout of the merchant and the cost was then that much less. I now want to use it with another merchant which it states to click for 5% cashback. It then just opens up the website of the merchant. So what I am asking myself is how do I get the 5% cashback? The purchase is worth £4000 so I dont wanna fook it up :)
as long as you click the merchant via quidco page,then it opens the merchant page and make the purchase
it will first Track the purchase anf then it will be added to your account :) then show up in your quidco
normally if your logged onto quidco and click through the link the order is 'tracked' on your account and credited at a later date into your quidco account.
I figured that would be the case but with so much at risk I wanted to double check.

Cheers guys
just thought of this with such a large amount of money lol

Ive read in the past that if you have looked at the site you are going to purchase from before linking it through quidco,sometimes it dosent show up as tracked as its already stored the cookie from the previous vist

so maybe clear you cookies and history etc to be on the safe side ?
Honeymoon m8. Getting married next year.

Out of interest how would it work if I am paying £450 deposit now and the balance near the time?