quickpar problem


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Jan 31, 2006
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hi all

im tryin to repair some games ive downloaded using quickpar version 0.9

but everytime it says verify failed some games ive tried repairing about 10 times with the same error message

so i read up on the internet and it sed it cud b my memory so i downloaded memtest and that states my memory is ok with no errors

please can some 1 help me

thanks in advance ritchie
I've had similar problems when I've used the main par index file. However if I select another one of the par files, later in the set, it rebuilds any missing or damaged files. Give that a go
i had this problem with it when i built my new pc, it always failed to repair, all the files where there inc all pars and a 320gig hd was plenty lol,

i had to go into the bios and change the memory settings (ram) and it worked fine, it is a ram (memory) issue...

ps that mem test thing i tried it too, it means nothing..
in last weeek iv had 4 games par'd to full repair no problem when i unrar i get errror with .....rar <--------- diff numbered rar files) to say its pissing me off is an understatement lol.... any idead on that 1 experts??

cheeers men
Is there an sfv file that you can check the reconstructed files with?
erm i think there was an sfv file but i dont what to check or what with but iv d/loaded the gamed 6 times now lol

thx guys
Which game is it? The sfv file is different to the pars and is a good way of checking whether the .par set is duff or not