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Oct 21, 2005
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hi i am gonna install sportster UK05 image onto my dbox which currently has the UK04 image. at the moement i have lots of plugins and games on this dbox if i change the image will i lose all these plugins and games, i think the answer is no becuase there in a seperate folder but just need this to be checked

Flashing a new image will erase everything on your box. You need to back-up your games and plug-ins and copy them to the new image once installed. I don't remember UK05 coming with any games pre-installed.
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whats the best image to use at the moment ? thats stable and also has full epg am thinking of trying sportster_12_11_05_2x is this image ok with the key updating issue thanks you for ur time
yeh i also need the same as you lombard i think that sportster Uk05 is perfect for all that i have searched on here and seen some good reviews yeh cheers ding dong i will back them up first then and then copy them