iPhone PwnageTool 2.0 MACOSX


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Jan 25, 2006
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Work.... Where else?
Small walkthrough by Cimkeri:
I thought it will be good to write a brief explanation for the people who use the PwnageTool for the first time like me :) Yes I did it and unlock works for me. I also checked the exchange support, youtube, appstore… All works fine.

I had a 2g iphone 1.1.4 that has been unlocked by ziphone software. I did it once and I used it till now without a problem. I was a little bit afraid to try pwnagetool 2.0 because of what zibri may have done to my iphone, but it worked great and it will work for you.

Here are the steps I took;

1. I upgraded to Itunes 7.7
2. Connected my iphone. It deteced the iphone and asked for an upgrade, I just cliked download only. This is how I got the original firmware form apple :)Then disconnected iphone just after the download started.
3. Before opening the pwnagetool I put my iphone in dfu mode. I tried at least 4 times to do that. The trick was to hold down the power and home botton wait until it restarts. Then pluck it into the dock wait for ten seconds during the apple logo and then release it . It is totally black but itunes recognized it as in recovery. This is the dfu we need.
4. I did not choose the expert mode. Chosed iphone 1g . It had found the restore firmware that itunes had already downloaded. Asked me for the bootloaders. I browsed both of them respectively and then it created the custom ipws.
5.Clicked next and it recognized the dfu but asked for shutdown. I had problem here before, It said that it can not put the device in dfu mode. This time it detected and asked for a shutdown. I just pressed both power and home button until it restarted. Then watch for the screen. It tells you when to release the power button and when to release home button. Then it was ok. My iphone was ready to be restored with the custom ipws. The tool gave a message everything ok and i must just close pwnagetool and use itunes.

6. I didn’t do anything to iphone just left it where it was in dfu mode. Itunes had already gave the message that it needs to restore my iphone. I just said ok. The restore screen was in front of me. Just pressed alt button on the keyboard and while pressing it i clicked restore, and I showed itunes gently my custom ipws. It restored it successfully.

7. After that the phone rebooted, bootneutral was opened automatically , first it neutral the boot and then flashed the baseband. All was automatic. Then after the last reboot, there it was jailbroken and unlocked with all features working.

I hope you guys get lucky as I did.

Thanks again to the dev team.

If you have other problems , I suggest you go to the blog of the iPhone dev team(links below). Currently a windows release is being made too, but it’s not yet out, and we don’t have any further information..

Size: 22.3mb (PwnageTool+Bootloader files)


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Aug 24, 2001
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is it possible to unlock the iphone 3g using vista yet and if so am i looking in the right place


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Aug 24, 2003
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Don't think so yet, not on Vista or Mac OSX.

Some places are advertising to do it on a 3g iPhone but although they might unlock the network I doubt they can Jailbreak them and activate them.

Should be soon though, the next 2 weeks I am guessing.


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Mar 6, 2005
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hi guys i have had a strange problem with my phone i am not able to use my phones dialer after upgrading, did any body else noticed this, i am able to receive calls normally but every time i try to make call via the dialer it crashes. thanks in advance for advise