PSP Experts...if there is any ??


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Jul 3, 2004
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Just been trying to downgrade v2 to v1.5......follow all the steps...but the overflow.tif isnt getting recognised when i try and load it up from photo folder...any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong ? anyone successfully downgraded ?
Tried 2 diff mem cards.....the PC writes to it but the PSP just fails to see the img ???
Any help appreciated !!
Have you tried turning your antivirus off as some antivirus software sees the .tiff file as the pspbrick virus , therefore it isnt being written to the psp/photo/ folder
i have successfully downgraded mine.......(and upgraded again to play gta:lcs

if u need any help......... let me know
Format your memory card from within yout PSP first, it creates the folder structure automatically for you. The tiff only works if there isnt any other photos on the card so a format is best way to make sure.

Also check what timekeeper said about AV detecting it as a PSP-Hack virus ( i think thats what its called)