ps3 chip


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Dec 11, 2006
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can you able to make the ps3 chip so we could dowload the game on internet and play on ps3
I think he's taking about playing copied games. At the moment there isn't a chip or ISO loader which will let you do this. You Could dump the games onto your harddrive but that changed with the latest firmwire verison which stopped you using the dump command.
But there is another program which does still work at dumping the image and you don't need to load up linux to use it. But in my view pointless using it as you can't play the copied game.
What the future has install who knows. The odds are it will happen just takes time for a hacker to come out.
I know alot of people have been waiting for the euro release i.e america as it says on a well known forum site "that all the best hackers are in europe"
If you do a google search on "ps3 play copies" or something similar you'll find websites and forum posts indicating that this has already begun and that people are toying with the possibility of running even windows games on it, if you look further through the search results you'll probably find a video of a hacker that practically tore his PS3 apart so he can play back-up copies of PS2 games on it (video is also available on