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Oct 6, 2005
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hi..newbie looking to programme card which will autoupdate on a telewest box..uncle had a au card which now does not work..have read that only certain cards au..have searched for tuts, but so much info to take in,head is spinning..can anyone point me in the right direction for a complete newbie like myself?
But remember to use the right bin file for your area m8"!
is it easier to programme a mosc card rather than a opos card??..and what about a funcard?..
same here, a newbie on telewest, have titanium 2 card which has packed up - looking at new easy entry level novice smartcard, funcard???? also what's a good programmer to use - looking at dynamite usb?????
dynamite will do anything! go for it and the mosc card is a piece f piss just make sure u follow a decent tut tho otherwise may bugger the card!