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probs with programming fun card....strange?


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Nov 1, 2005
ex c&w................................ok since the first recent key roll i been having probs,can someone clear a few things up for me plz

i havnt been clearing sinc e the 1st of this month,after the first key change i loaded the new key and all ok...then the following morning not clearing anything,i did hear that some peeps went blank but came back on,but mine didnt,so i erased the card,and re done it,i flashed the memory with an old file coz as some of u might remember the expiry date on some earlier cards had to be altered mine was 1 of them,i put new code in today but still blank....well only bbc1,2 and a couple others.............1 thing i noticed when a card is loaded with a file rather than to put it in manually....it changes the ird and bk???????i done it a few times to make sure and it does....i,m confused now as the origional ird and bk i have writen down is diff to the 1 on the card yet its working......now my card isnt clearing i,m paranoid as to maybe i have wrong bk e.t.c or wot 1 should i use? if i,m clearing bbc1 and 2 and a few more does this indicate that the bk and ird are paired correctly???? or should i use the bk and ird of the last working hex??? v confusing

if anyone can shed some light on this i,d be very gratefull....since i,m still not clearing with latest files i think somethings wrong