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problem with subed modem dproping signal ..


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Mar 27, 2005
I have been having problems over that last few days with my subbed modem , it drops out in the day so if i pop home to check my mail or am @ home weekends etc etc it fecks about then around 6ish it returns to normal and works fine until around 10am then its on and off all day ... I don't want to resort to calling the tech out as i have split the feed and dont want to remove my additions ,, why would this just start to happen all ov a sudden ??
its worked fine for ages ...
i have checked my connections and redone a few the splitter if fairly new and as a few other feeds work fine im lost !!
The tv is ok and all the feeds run from ONE splitter ...
do they up the power @ certen times of the day in line with demand and my sig is just low hence it dropping out in the day what could be the problem ...
modem is a sa 2100 and as i say its legit paid for as per rules !!!


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Mar 4, 2005
could be someone using your mac, and or
have you tried connecting your modem without any splitters???
thats the problem i had .tv fine but modem kept failing.siganl to low???