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Aug 18, 2005
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had a mate come round as he wanted to update his comp from win me to xp , all went well , noticed on boot up that on the first screen after pressin power button that the time and date needed setting everytime booted up , so after comp had booted up and loaded all its bits and pieces i shut it down correctly , unplugged from mains , took case off , took out the cmos battery and replaced with a new one

plugged comp back into mains , now all that happens is that the fan on power supply spins and the fan on cpu spins , no beeps or nothing , montor stays blank , no lights on tower ie power light or hd light comes on , justthe fans spin

can hear a click of some kind wen press the power button , thought that may have been the hd , but i disconnected that and tried again and still some kind of click

would it b the power supply need replacing or somethin more drastic , i dont know wat kind of board it is , and i think its a old pentium celeron processor

thx in advance
you could do with finding out the mobo, there is usually a BIOS reset jumper, worth a try.

Take out all cards, ram and reseat.
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k ,found a jumper in between the cmos battery and the bios chip , pulled that for a few seconds and replaced , still the same , i then disconnected the hd , the cd rom , the cd writer and the floppy , and just to check to see if it still clicked wen powered on , i done it a few times to try to establish were the click was and it seems to click more distinctly wen listenin up at power supply
with all that dust in there I am surprised its not working.

If you want the mobo model details they should be written on the mobo somewhere. Might need to take some of that cabling out of the way.
thx for ur help daveleebond , after taking out the ram and reseatin it , made no diff , took it out again and replaced it with another stick and it rebooted , so looked like it was the ram

thx oneman , i will get round to checkin out the mobo if any further probs arise , will prob have to take the thing out as have had a gd look on the top of the board and cant see anything , knowin my luck it bound to be on the underside lol
Mobo info is often normally near the CPU socket, along the edge or between the expansion slots.
could only find cw 33 printed on board between expansion slots , did a search and found it was

Model ID CW33 / FIC CW 33 - Mainboard - micro ATX - i810 - Socket 370 - UDMA - video
have a look at Products | everest software, even the free version will identify mboard identity, bios version and ram id ;s and much more.

there are versions to install and portable versions too.

loads of different copies on rs and torrents.

saves straining your eyes