Problem Getting BK for Di4000-T in TW Land


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Nov 25, 2005
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Tim Buck 2
Hello peeps, instead of sunning myself in the garden I have been messing with a Pace Di4000-T. I don't have a card to retreive BK so have been messing with Jtag.

Kept getting "Internal error 43" message, so searched and tried joining pins 8 and 15 on printer plug. Don't get that error any more but still says that box is disconnected. I have mac_mot.sys running, and get some details from using OCD but suspect that they are erronious as they are not enough numbers, and as I know the IRD it bears no resemblance to it.

This is where I have ground to a halt. Have tried SDT, OCD and BKE. Maybe I need latest byte locations for the BK?? From 2nd page of EM the "Code Release Version" is P3.3_5_09 etc..

Hope someone can help me get to the next step. If I have missed any important info just ask. Unfortunately, this is my first attempt at doing these and I am bound to be doing something wrong. Cheers, Chris.