problem changing boxcracker 3.5 to 1x


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Jul 28, 2005
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Hi ive just used image works to get a 1x image of boxcracker however when I try and flash it to my box it says image to big. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone gor hold of the 1x version. Fingers crossed it has just cured a chirping 2x box hope to cure my 1x box also.
What option did you choose to convert it?
Did you select "1x NO bootloader" (1x ohne bootloader on german version)
Thanks liam you were right . I should have spotted I was converting to 1x + bootloader. I will let people know if it does indeed cure my chirping 1x sagam box:Cheers:
pj.77 said:
still chirping back to the drawing board

I would suggest enigmax if its still chirping, it seemed to be a good fix for an old black sagem 1x laying in the cupboard that wouldnt take ANY image withoiut constant chirping . .now its running like a dream.
is this the same one as the one just released by liam . if so I have tried it , this was best for curing waiting for time. Thanks anyway