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Mar 21, 2005
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is there a freeware programe anywhere that will stop pop ups as every time i change web pages i get them and i don't know how i got them thanks inadvance:mad:
Hi mate,
im not sure if free version of zonealarm will block popups but u can give it a go.
you need to remove the ad-ware from your system, the best one i've used is from trend

while your there try their online virus scan called housecall
Proxomitron is also pretty good - its highly configurable and can stop popups, adverts, nosey javascripts and a whole host of other nasties
If your using IE6 then the pop-up stopper in that is not bad, most likely you've got an adware/spyware infection. Get your self some tools to clean your machine first, Spybot S & D, Adaware are the tools most peeps use and they're free. You should also be using a firewall, Zone Alarm is good & again free.
Once you've done that, configure your browser to block &/or ask about pop-ups..

PS: As I've just remembered have a read HERE

Have fun
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