Pompeys New Stadium Plans


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Feb 6, 2007
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Hi all,

Take a look at pompeys new stadium venture, cant wait to sit in there if it gets the nod!!!

Pompey have unveiled the plans for a spectacular new £600million waterfront football stadium and residential development on reclaimed land in the city's dockyard and at Fratton Park.


The new stadium is being designed by leading international architects, Herzog and De Meuron. The Swiss-based firm is responsible for both the Beijing National Stadium, which will be the centrepiece of the 2008 Olympic Games, and the Allianz Stadium in Munich.


The stadium is planned to be constructed on a site adjacent to the historic Naval Dockyards, the Gunwharf Quays retail and leisure centre, Portsmouth Harbour Station and ferry terminus and the Hard interchange bus station. It will comprise of approximately 13 acres of land reclaimed from the existing waterfront.


The joint venture between Pompey and Sellar Property Group will create a superb 36,000 all-seater stadium, over 1 million square feet of waterfront apartments, a 1.5 acre new public space together with a mixture of complementary leisure uses, restaurants and cafes.

lol wtf is the point in portsmouth having a stadium like that? Get a good team first then worry about a stadium.
Will you still be able to hear the mad bloke with the bell and bugle?????

I can't remember his name. He was in my local once when he was watching England at Old Trafford and stayed in Bolton.
He was p*ssed and showed off his tattoos
1 of a pompey player in full kit on his knob !!!!!!
Nearly spilled my pint!!!!!!!!!!
Thats gonna be a traffic nightmare to get fans and away supporters that deep into Pompey. You couldn't get much further in.
John Westwood his name is, and yes he is a numpty!!!

BUT, he does get the crowd singing all through the games!!

As for a team, now that the chairman has stabalised, you watch the money being spent on the team, look what we attracted this year, england's undisputed no.1 goalkeeper, and sol campbell. Thats with a poor ground and an even worse training facility (a new one is also being built)

Watch this space, pompey are here for europe and to challenge for the champions league!!!

In regards to the car thing, they are not gonna have a car park near, so people will have to use the train or park and ride on a bus.

They also want to run a boat from port solent where there is lots of parking!!!

Looks absolutely awesome, and i cant wait for it to get started!!
all them flats and 36000 people jumping around on a water front they fooking mad... fooking sink lmao

pompey are a decent side they have all our rejects and them fookers look alright now lol....

good luck and i hope we dont have the biggest catastrophy in the game :eek:
Pompey are a good team. Not all players are Arsenal rejects as some wanted to leave i.e Campbell and kanu

That stadium looks good. Obviously it would be tested so if they go ahead with it that looks good.
shut up ronaldo stop following me round the place your giving me the creeps wierdo lmao
Am i the only one who thinks thats ugly?

The shape is smart but not with the rectangle out in the middle.

Should make it so the roof flows with the outside, i.e all 1 big shape as the big high side looks kinda silly.
hold on you plum


is that what your saying... he could not get in the bloody first team you idiot!!!

FFS there is a big difference in leaving


GET YOUR FACTs right you numpty
I dont think its ugly, its augly, its art hehe!!

Great design, because they are keeping the stands close to the pitch as it is at fratton!!

And as for rejects.

Kanu - No one wanted him, but scored 10 goals and created many more!!!!!!!!!

Lauren - Was out injured and got replaced, didnt get a chance to get back in!!!!

Campball - I think arsenal could have done with him this year!!!!!!!

James - Now Confirmed as englands no.1 goalkeeper!!!!

Shall we go on, i dont think these are rejects at all, just very good purchases, who are now happy, look at Sean Davis, went to tottenham, and did nothing, he has been great for us this year, as mendes has aswell.
and you do it all the time you post shit, i have seen more than myself ask you if you know what your posting

so dont feel bad stop posting nonsense and people wont pick up on it
@liam im not saying they was not good buys as they clearly was, but kanu cant make our sarting 11 no chance, lauren i think we should of kept but wenger sold him... so he is a regect (yeah i know its a bad word but thats life), cambell is the only one out of them all that actually had a say and that wierdo had a midlife crisis at the club what you expect to happen lol

@ronaldo121 2 out of 3 makes me more right that you lmao
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Oh dear looks like someone doesn't know when to keep quiet! lol ;)