Polsat footy rights- next season>2008


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Nov 21, 2005
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I see the new Nagra CAM/Card for Polsat s now available- this means I should be able to use it in my TM1500.

Does anyone know if they have the rights for the SPL for season 2007-2008??

If yes- then its a definite purchase for the summer!!!!!

Great if anyone can shed some light!!!!!!

They don't have SPL rights as such . . . if you're asking if they will have Celtic games, then the answer's yes, every week home and away for the next 18 months.
anyone got any links to a price on these ,

cheers ,
I cant find the link right now m8-but someone on here posted a couple of months back that he was dealing with a supplier direct from Poland...I dont remember seeing a post how it turned out,but didnt look that hard either...
I remember a ridiculously cheap figure (between 100 and 200 quid I think)
for a years sub and that included the receiver......I did visit the Polish site and it looked legit enough.....
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Guys, I don't watch Polsat much, with it being mostly just the non-setanta Celtic games, but the last time io checked it was clearing via CCcam and latest key files.