Please read this before posting BOOT LOGS in this section

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We commonly ask for people to post their boot logs to help diagnose problems and errors. Boot logs are a great way of helping us understand the technical aspects of your problem; and usually indicate the exact problem you are having.

I would just like to request that when posting boot logs in the dbox2 section, could you please upload them in TEXT FILE format as an attachment, instead of posting directly onto the forum.

This ISNT a rule; but more of a way of asking you to help keep things tidy in the forum. By posting the log directly, the screen becomes flooded with information and makes your post sometimes up to 3 pages long (A4 paper pages ;)). By posting as a text file, your post is kept to a suitable level of information, and users who wish to attempt to help you can then click on the text file and analyse your problem.

To save your log as a text file:
Using IFA:
Once the box has finished fully flashing, click the "Save log" button at the bottom of the IFA comport window. This saves the log directly to a text file, for immediate uploading.

Using bootmanager/hyperterminal:
Once the box has finished fully loading, highlight ALL the text in the window (use Ctrl+A or Edit-->Select All menu), and then paste the information into a blank notepad document. Save the document and upload to the forum.

For hyperterminal before the box starts
click transfer
Capture Text
name the file and click start
when it's finished transfer, capture text, stop
then upload the file.

If the box is booting up then freezing you can try this method which does not need a null modem cable

Only if the box is booting up

telnet into the box
dmesg > /tmp/bootlog.txt
then post the /tmp/bootlog.txt on here.

dmesg > /tmp/bootlog.txt
has been borrowed from @redsquare, handy for a bootlog on a box that does actually boot but still plays up, saves digging out the nullomodem lead.

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