please help, lanarkshire area


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Nov 6, 2005
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sorry guys i know i am a newbie and i know we are all having trouble here

i am lloking for a working image and the files if u please for my area i ahve tried to change the camd_cfg to 02 on smartftp but it wont let me do this

i also tried to change to sportstar and got the kein system error and gave up, and for a novice like me i can see i will be here all night:lsabre:
Hi, kein system means that you flashed the wrong image for your type of box. There are two images, 1xI and 2xI... and the one you need depends on how many chips you've got in your box.

Hopefully you've read it already, but if you havent, take a look at this:

You will need to use IFA (Image Flashing Assistant) to get your box out of 'kein system'. You will also need the correct image for your box.

Have a search around the forums and you'll find loads of info on kein system and IFA. Theres also a tutorial in the downloads section :)

You WILL get there, keep trying...
cheers i did fix it but i went back to old image, and i see today this is what the problem is (with boxcracker)
see i had the sportstar for the 2x chip gavs one, but it owuldnt let me add my service files....