Please Be Carefull This Christmas People, Yes it can really happen this fast!........

ouch thats quick, makes me check mine
Saw this yesterday and scared the hell out of me :(
4 seconds and it was done in even sat in the room thats not enough time to react thanx for the clip dogs m8
sh*t thats fast,imagine being asleep on the settee you wouldnt stand a chance

thanks for the tip dogs
that is really scary so fast, and just think how many people leave them on all night, you would not have a chance.
glad i dont put one up
Jesus h Christ do you think they used excellerant there to scare people everything seems to go up really quick and theres allot of stuff dripping down i know the vids i saw at junior school were cigarette fires on the settee but they went up much slower than that i also wonder if artificial trees would go up as quick good vid though dogs does make me worry when i got a 4 yo and a 6yo tucked up in bed god doesn't bare thinking about huh!