PlayStation 3 160Gb hard drive launched


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Nov 19, 2005
PlayStation 3 160Gb hard drive launched

Most famous for its Action Replay cheat cartridges, Datel has now launched a range of PlayStation 3 accessories, including a 160Gb hard drive.

The MAX Drive 160, which retails at £99.99, simply plugs into the PS3 and can be used to store material downloaded from the online PlayStation Store as well as game saves. In addition, it can also be connected to a PC allowing movies, movies and images to be transferred to it then viewed on the PS3.

As well as the hard drive, Datel has also launched a range of other handy add-ons. These include DataMAX, retailing at £14.99, which allows gamers to transfer game saves, rosters and settings from any PlayStation 2 memory card direct to the PS3 meaning those who want to continue playing PS2 games can continue where they left off.

The firm has also launched WiFi Max, at £29.99, which allows the PS3 to connect to broadband wirelessly, while the PowerBoard, at £14.99, is a specially-designed full-size qwerty keyboard that connects to the PS3 and features a ten-foot cable