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Mar 18, 2005
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Ok so I have got up & running (guide on the way) but want to now get into the nitty gritty, so the images are in .img format, running under a Windows box what do I need to have a look inside and play around with them?

Asked in another post can I use/modify the EnigmaX image to work with the Dreambox

Anyhelp, guides info etc most appreciated...
same here k-net2020 i would like to look further into images and try to learn a bit. so i was wondering if any1 knows of a program to edit dreambox images before you flash them to box.
just as new tux flash tools does for dbox. if any1 knows such a tool can they give me a shout please!
NewTux Flash Tools also works on SOME dreambox images - but they must be in .IMG format. When it asks you something in german about CRAMFS just say no/nein and it should open the file.
I am looking at a similar situation. I have what should be a mostly working image but i need to add evocamd to the image. The folders in the EMU directory on the dreambox are locked or protected so even when i add the evo to the emu directory the image does not recognise it so i cant select it from the menu. Once i figure out how to add it( or someone tells me) i should be up and running. Hopefully.

Im guessing that the dreambox image you have uses SQUASHFS file system? If so then you wont be able to edit that directory, etc. There is another way tho, which I have had to use on multiple occasions.

Create a new directory with a random name, for example "ianmcv". Then find the startup script for the image (its probably called start_enigma or start_neutrino, or you might be able to use rCs or rCs.local) Then simply add a few lines of coding to direct the image to use the /var/ianmcv directory instead of /var/emu.

The ianmcv directory is then completely unlocked, and you can add whatever you want to it. As long as you write the script correctly, you can use it to put anything you want into the image.

However, i am pretty sure that there is another way of doing this. For example, a live web update of the evocam software, which automatically installs itself...